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Debates and discussions form an essential part of academic life at the Kaulbach Villa. At lectures, colloquia, panel discussions, and guest events, the Fellows of the Historisches Kolleg as well as scholars from around the world present their research findings and theses.


Founded in 1980, the Historisches Kolleg has been located in Munich’s Kaulbach Villa between the Bavarian State Library and the English Garden since 1988. In essence, it grants scholarships to scholars to complete a book free from other obligations. In addition, the Historisches Kolleg is a lively center of historical research as a venue for scientific colloquia and lectures. Many of his events are aimed at a wider audience. The “Preis des Historischen Kollegs” is awarded every three years – the next time in 2025.



Creating free spaces – that is the central idea of the Historisches Kolleg. Since 1980, it has offered excellent scholars the freedom to research, think, and write for one year (October to September of the following year) to bring a major work to completion.


Since its founding in 1980, the Historisches Kolleg has already supported well over 200 researchers in the historically oriented sciences – through full-year Senior and Junior Fellowships as well as shorter Honorary Fellowships. An overview of the fellows of the current collegiate year as well as all fellows since 1980 can be found here.


Many lectures and other events at the Historisches Kolleg are documented as videos, podcasts, or in print and are available for free viewing in the mediathek. Here you can also find most of the volumes published in the series “Schriften des Historischen Kollegs. Kolloquien” for download. This offer will be successively expanded.

Preis des Historischen Kollegs

With the “Preis des Historischen Kollegs” the Historisches Kolleg honors the overall scientific work of a historian. According to the statute, the basis for the award is an outstanding work “that opens up new scientific territory, has an impact beyond the boundaries of the discipline, and is exemplary in its linguistic design.” The prize is awarded every three years and is endowed with 30,000 euros.

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